55% Pakistanis Happy with formation of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

55%, Pakistan People, Happy, Islamic Emirates, Afghanistan

“Are you Happy with the formation of the Taliban Govt in Afghanistan? Pakistanis were asked in a poll. Around 55% responded “YES”.

The Poll was conducted among 24,00 people between 13 and September 5 by Gallup Pakistan, A Geo News report said, adding that 25% of those asked said they were unhappy while 20% had no response.

According to the report, people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province had the strongest support for the Taliban Govt with 65% of respondents saying they were happy. In Balochistan about 55% and in Punjab and Sindh 54% Respondents Expressed happiness over the formation of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

The Poll also revealed that among those who supported the Taliban Govt, 68% were above the age of 50. Among the men, about 58% favoured the group while group while among women, the rate was 36%.


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