AMD Big Navi Graphics card could be shortage supply 2021


AMD Big Navi Graphics card could be shortage supply 2021, AMD’S Big Navi Graphics card stock issues continue to rumble on upon release of third-party custom models, which isn’t exactly unexpected–but whispers from a European retailer carry a more worrying suggestion that supply problem could continue for months.

Tom’s Hardware reports that in the US, third-party cards pretty much vanished in a flash during their launch yesterday, and some major retailers didn’t even have any such RX 6800 or 6800 XT custom models to sell in the first place–like Micro Center.

Tom’s observe that all tech stores have sold out their stock of third-party Big Navi cards, and AMD’S reference boards for that matter, in a by now familiar scene similar to how Nvidia’s launches played out (in a word– badly).

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It is Unsurprisingly, the same tale of Big Navi Stock woes in the UK, and other regions for that matter.

With third party graphics card makers apologizing for shortages on Twitter, Tom’s further theorizes that we won’t see any meaningful volume of stock for AMD’S new GPUs until 2021, and that is sadly reinforced by word on the grapevine from a Dutch online retailer.


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