Apple launch 1TB storage option for Pro model has been confirmed 13 more times


Chi Kooln a note to investors, the analyst of Apple Product Familiarization repeated the previous rumors and reports about possible Apple products in the upcoming event and explained some details. He predicts that Apple will launch four iphone 13 models in the same dimensions and extensions as the previous generation, as it did last year, and that the design language will most likely be preserved.

Contradictory news and rumors about the storage options of the next iphones have been Published so far. Some sources claim that Apple will eliminate the 256GB option on Pro models this years and offer a 1TB configuration instead; But others say the teach giant will not make much of difference. Ko’s view is in line with the first category, noting that the storage option of the pro model will start with the 128 GB option and will increase to one tera byte. Of course, offering the expensive 1TB option on standard models is an aura of ambiguity.

The analyst predicts that the next series of Apple smartphones will experience annual growth compared to previous models. He says potential Growth may be overshadowed in party by a shortage of parts; But the shortfalls are not expected to affect the total shipments of the next iphone compared to what Apple experience in 2020.

Mark German also claims that the Apple watch 7 series will undergo a major redesign, adorning the display and flat edges. The S7 chip will be the beating heart of Apple’s next smartwatch, which apparently consumes less power than the chip used in the Apple watch 6 series, but also brings more processing power.

Apple will probably skip the new sensors in this product and instead, features such as blood pressure and glucose monitoring may be offered in the Apple Watch 8 series or later models. What’s your opinion about this phone share you word in


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