10 ways you can get Fresh skin in winter 2020

tips to get fresh skin in winter 2020

Fresh skin in winter is really challenging. by following steps you can achieve really fresh skin in winter.

Fresh skin in winters

moisturize skin

Moisturizing our skin everyday can help in Reducing Skin Problems . can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne Skin Blemishes and open pores.

  • Deep cleansing

It helps to remove toxic substances from our face that can be the reason for acne, pimples and black. cleansing really removes dirt from our face and makes our face tight and glowy fresh skin in winters

  • Intake of water and fresh  juice

Fresh juice contain essential nutrients and vitamins specially citric acid that is found in lemons, oranges, grapes, etc

These juices slow down formation of wrinkles. Water is secret of healthy fresh skin in winter as it purifies all the dirt from body and leave our body very active and toxic free.

fresh juices contain much needed vitamins needed for daily work
  • Use of serums

Serums can actually help in maintaining a smooth firm texture, one tone and blemishes free fresh skin in winter

  • Scrubs and natural remedies

Scrubs remove the dead skin cells and the dirt layer that is on our skins, make our skin smooth as no dead skin cells and that dirt layer which comes by daily activities that we performs

Healthy diet leads to good healthy hair, skin, nails, metabolism and much more. Lack of any nutrients can show a clear result of faded dull color and  wrinkles on our face and one might look aged and specially in winters as our water intake is low.

  • Exercise

Yes you heard it right exercise enhance our features and in winter as we are cozy all the time so a good meaningful exercise can help in maintaining a good glowy fresh skin in winter

Exercise help to improve immune system
  •   Sun block/ sun protection

Sun blocks are not just for summers but for winters too. Main function of sun block is protection from harmful rays of sun that might cause sun burns. Use of sun block also evens our two tone face and is a must essential in winters

  • Use of cold water to wash face

Seeing some facts that cold water minimizes our open pores, in winter we prefer luke warm water for our skins and this open our pores by which we face black heads and white heads. Believe it these are pity hard to remove so use of cold water closes these pores and give us healthy fresh skin winters.

  1. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells layer

Last but not the least, exfoliating is another great step that gives us fresh skin in winters. Treat your skin very softly and carefully. Exfoliate it with care and gentleness.


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