Galaxy announced S22 benchmark result with Exynos 2200 chip

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Samsung announced a few months ago that the Chip Exynos of the CPU-Graphics AMD will use. Expect from the same time gone is the Exynos 2200, the first Exynos equipped with a processor of graphics AMD and be offered in the company’s Galaxy 22 series.

With the release of the first results of the Galaxy benchmark S22 Plus equipped with Exynos 2200, we will take an overview of the performance and processing speed of this chip.

According to SamMobile and according to data high-gig Bench, Galaxy S22 Plus (with model number SM0S906B) Equipped with Exynos 2200 chip and 8 GB of RAM. The chip code used in this devices S5E9925 Is. The chip scored 1073 points in the single-core test and 3389 points in the multi-core test. Given the not-so-good results of this test, it is possible showed up in Geekbench’s database earlier today.

The smartphone is powered by the S5E9925 (Exynos 2200) chipset and features 8GB of RAM. The processor scored 1073 point in the single-core CPU test and 3,389 points in the multi-core CPU test. The benchmark score look extremely unimpressive but that could be a result of the device being in the power-saving mode.

The Exnoys 2200 seems to feature an octa-core CPU with one prime CPU core clocked at 2.59 GHz, three high-performance CPU cores clocked at 2.5GHz, and four power-efficient CPU cores clocked at 1.73Ghz. It was expected that the Exynos 2200 could use ARM.

It’s recently announced Cortex-X2 CPU, Cortex A710, and Cortex-A510 CPU cores based on the ARM v9 architecture. However, the benchmark listing shows ARM v8 CPU cores instead. The chipset also features an AMD RDNA2-based Mobile Radeon GPU and an integrated 5G modem.

The AMD GPU inside the Exynos chipset has various modern features like ray-touching and variable rate shading. Previous benchmarks have shown that the Exynos 2200’s GPU performance is better than the Apple A14 Bionic. However, only time will tell how it will actually perform in real-world case.

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