Helicopters to rescue three Mountaineers including Pakistan from the Rakaposhi Mountain

Wajidullah Nagri, peter Macek and Jakob vicek who were traped at Rakaposhi peak rescue operation has been started.

An operation has been started to rescue three climbers including Wajidullah Nagri, Peter Macek and Jacob Vicek who were trapped at Rakaposhi peak.

Pakistani climber Wajidullah Nagri along with two foreign climbers Peter Macek and Jakob Vicek have been trapped while descending from Rakaposhi Mountain.

The local administration had requested to conduct a rescue operation for the stranded climbers. Four aviation helicopter of the Pakistan Army were taking part in the rescue operation in which the stranded climbers will be rescue and shifted to the base camp.

He Rescue operation will cover the aerial and ground search through the helicopters and climbers. Rakaposhi peak of the karakoram mountain range is the 27th highest peak in the world at the height of 6900-foot in the Gilgit-Balistan region.

Wajidullah Nagri had become the second climber who scaled the Rakaposhi peak a few days go While taking a different route along with two mountaineers from the Czech Republic.


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