Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Halal Implementation council launched at Peshawar Medical College (PMC)

An event was organized by the Halal Awareness & Research Council in joint collaboration with the Halal & Safe Food Authority, KP and Prime Foundation (PF) to launch the KP Halal Implementation Council here at Peshawar Medical College (PMC)

An event was organized by the Halal Awareness & Research Council in joint collaboration with the Halal & Safe Food Authority, KP and Prime Foundation (PF) to launch the KP Halal Implementation Council here at Peshawar Medical College (PMC).

According to a press release issued here on Thursday, Afaq Shamsi, President of the Halal Awareness & Research Council facilitated the formation and formal launch of the KP Halal Implementation Council, whereas Prof. Dr. Najib ul Haq, Adviser Health & Medical education of the Prime Foundation nominated anonymously as chairperson of the KP Halal Implementation Council.

Representative of the Halal & Safe Food Authority and senior Ulema Mufti Jawad, Mufti Khalid, Mufti Yahya, Mufti Aqib Javed, and Mufti Masood Shah would be the members of the Council.

It is worth mentioning that the KP Halal Implementation Council will act as a bridge between the food businesses and the Halal Food Authority to help facilitate the implementation of the Halal and Safe Food Guidelines among the food businesses throughout the province.

The Council and PF will together build the capacity of the food businesses about Halal & Safe Food practices, while the Halal & Safe Food Authority will subsequently certify them as Halal & Safe Food Businesses.

The council will engage the local Ulema and congregational prayer leaders in enlisting the food businesses and training them.

The meeting was heavily attended by Ulema and a select gathering of the food businesses. They hailed the initiative and assured their full cooperation.

Inayatullah Khan, Ex-Minister Health KP and sitting MPA, Mr. Shahrukh Ali Khan DG KP Halal & Safe Food Authority, Prof. Dr. Najib ul Haq Adviser PF and Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khalil a renowned social worker talked about various aspects of the issue and the need for an integrated effort by all as it was a matter of faith and public health on one hand and an immense opportunity of economic productivity and business on the other in the wake of regional connectivity through regional integration projects such as BRI and CPEC initiatives.

A memorandum of understanding was also signed on the occasion between the DG Halal & Safe Food Authority KP and the Adviser PF to formalize cooperation for halal food awareness raising, capacity building, and research.


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