Meet Samreen Ashraf, first Pakistani to win Jane k.Fenyo Award for her research paper


Meet Samreen Ashraf, first Pakistani to win Jane k.Fenyo Award for her research paper. Recently Samreen has become the first Pakistani to win Prestigious Jane k.Fanyo Award for her research paper titled: Between a Banker and a Barbie: The illusion of Social Media.

This Research paper was presented at the Annual Academy of Marketing Science Conference held in Vancouver, Cananda.

This is one the most well renowned and prestigious conferences in the field of Marketing and attended by over 500 delegates from all around the world including the US, UK, South Africa, China, India, UAE to name a few countries.

Renowned Scholars submit their research work at the conference and after fulfilling a though rigorous reviewing process their paper are accepted for the presentation.

Once the paper is accepted, the author presents their research at the conference which then qualifies for the competition and after competing in multiple rounds, the winner is selected based on the quality of their work.

Based on Samreen’s high achievements, Samreen has been invited to be on the judging panel of renowned American Stevie Awards for women in Business for the Category communication and Marketing awards.

Prior, Samreen was awarded the voice chancellor Scholarship to pursue her PhD in Marketing at Bournemouth University.

This is a Uk Based Scholarship awarded to the students based on their aptitude and high academic distinctions.

Samreen has also been awarded MBA international fellow Scholarship at Bournemouth University. She is well Published author and has published her research work in various peer reviewed Journals. For example her book chapter on the CSR condition of Pakistan.


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