Norwegian Photographer won powerful image 2021 UAV Photography competiton


Norwegian Photographer won powerful image 2021 UAV Photography competition ( the main international aerial photography competition) by capturing a group of thousands of geese flying over the snow-covered ground. This image titled “Pink Geese Meet Winter,” was taken in central Norway and show Geese flying towards Svalbard in the Artic against a snowy background.

Early arrival of birds is likely to be related to climate change. The photo of the faceless goose, selected from tens of thousands of images submitted by photographers from 102 different countries, will be displayed in the above us only Sky exhibition along with other top photos in eight different categories. The exhibition will run from October 23rd to December 5th as part of the Siena Awards Festivals dedicated to the visuals arts.

In the spring, thousands of young geese settle in central Norway on their way to Svalbard. Probably due to climate change, they arrive early every year; For this reason, most of the land and farms where they feed are covered with snow when they arrive.

Regarding this photography of the scene, he says:

“Geese trend to use similar paths; So when I waited for them to arrive by Drone, Pictures like this were not unexpected.

  • Captured abstract category Photo
  • Photo title Duoyishu Terraces
  • Photographer name: Ren Tian

A spectacular aerial view of the famous Duoyishu terraces where rice is grown. The colors and shades of different surfaces of the rice fields have created a unique effect.

  • First place in the wildlife category

Photo title: Back to Adventure

Photographer name: Qasim al-Newsii

A green tortoise goes to the water after laying its eggs in a nest of tranquility on the Coast of Oman.

  • Award winning Photo of an urban category
  • Photo Title: Passage Suspended
  • Photographer Name: Paolo Crochetta

A small train to Toronto the villages of Val de Noon and Val del Sol Connects. As the train travels through the apple orchards, it passes through a breathtaking gorge 150 meters high.

Award winning wedding photo

Photo Title: Natural bride

Photographer name: Christoph Kravchik

The power of nature! The lake, the tree and an incredibly brave bride. An abstract scene with the beauty of nature and wonderful autumn climate.

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