Pakistan becomes first country Sign of its kind climate partnership

Pakistan becomes first country Sign of its kind climate partnership

Pakistan and Germany have announced a first-of-its-kind climate partnership to enhance the climate resilience of the venerable communities in Pakistan. It will deepen cooperation in climate change, environmental sustainability and green development sectors.

Pakistan PM’s special assistance on climate change Malik Amin Aslam khan visited Berlin for the signing ceremony on September 11 to begin the process for climate partnership between the two countries leading green initiatives in their respective regions.

The letter of intent includes up-scaling initiatives related to renewable energy, nature based solutions, nature performance bonds and carbons markets. The letters was signed by Sara Ijaz, charge d’affaires at the Embassy of Pakistan on Behalf of the Ministry of climate change while Prof. Dr Claudia warning, Director general Asia and Europe, signed it on behalf of the Germany Federal Minister of Economic cooperation and Development (BMZ).

“Pakistan becomes the first country with which Germany’s BMZ has signed to a landmark climate change agreement” to cooperate in policies related to clean energy, nature-based solutions, climate finance and clean energy, Amin Aslam shared on Twitter.

The special adviser expressed hope that the partnership ” would prove to be exemplary and provide a model for the international community in restoring ecosystems and addressing common climate challenges.” The partnership would be launched as a flagship initiative during the upcoming UN climate change conference of the parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November this year.

The German official also highlighted that Pakistan was the pioneer country for this partnership due to its track record of cooperation in the field of climate change. German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck said that he was “very proud of the expanding Germany-Pakistan bilateral cooperation.” He said: “The latest collaboration on a new Pakistan-German climate energy initiative has great Potential to foster exchange and progress for both countries fighting climate change and increasing clean energy.”

Briefing the German side about the various aspects of the climate partnership proposed by BMZ, Amin Aslam said it would assist the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in utilizing innovative means to address climate adversities with focus on effectively addressing the economic impact of climate change.

Pakistan leading role in climate change mitigation and adaptation has been recognized globally and is also being replicated by several countries. Some of the Significant green initiatives taken by the government under the “clean and Green Pakistan” initiative include the 10-billion tree Plantation program, new electric vehicle policy, clean energy push and incentives to create green jobs.

Under the agreement, the German government has committed to providing all-out technical and financial support for the implementation of various environmental and climate change-related initiatives launched under PM Imran Khan’s vision for clean and green Pakistan, the official statement said.

During the visit to Berlin, Pakistan’s climate change advisor held meetings with the German Officials at the ministry of economic cooperation and development and German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) both sides discussed progress on ongoing joint projects and explored prospects for further deepening cooperation on mitigating the impact of climate change in Pakistan. He also attend and expert roundtable finance and held a productive exchange with representatives of the sustainable finance government committee of German federal government.


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