Pakistan Government Plans to Restore 7 Temples (MANDIR) in Rawalpindi

7 Temples (MANDIR)

Pakistan Government Plan To Restore 7 Temples (MANDIR) in Rawalpindi. The Rawalpindi administration has decided to include 7 small Temples (MANDIR) Located within a Kilometer of Sujan Singh Haveli in the restoration Project of the Old City area.


The Restoration of the Temples was Discussed in a meeting held to review the Project of Sujan Singh Haveli and Bhabhra Food street Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation.

Rawalpindi Commissioner Muhammad Mahmood said that all the seven temples would be included in the project concept of the Sujan Singh Haveli Project.

All the Temples would be Restored and Information about their historical status will be Displayed in a Prominenet place. The Commissioner said that eight historic Place Buildings in the Proximity of Sujan Singh Haveli have also been identified and their facades would be Restored to antiquity.

However, he added that the inclusion would increase the cost of the Sujan Singh Haveli restoration Project by Rs.6 Millions.

Mehmood said a UNDP survey has revealed that some houses in the revealed that some houses in the Surroundings were already kept in their original Condition by the residents and they have antique furniture too.

Further, the Commissioner said that they would not use tiles in the footpaths of Bhabra Food Streets, they would use old-style bricks while the designs of the lights would also be kept antique.

He said that classic-era benches would be set up in Food Street and Old design Dustbins would be placed between them.


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