who will win us Presidential election America 2020?


Presidential election America is hot potato everywhere that who will win.  A vast side of majority supports Mr. Biden where on other hand a big number of supporters are with Mr. Trump regarding America presidential election.

Final debate between Trump and Mr biden before election

what surveys says about us presidential election?

The polls seem equally promising for Biden. He is seen as leading Trump in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by substantial margins. These states are seen to be crucial since these were the states that played a lead role in Trump’s electoral college victory in 2016. Another poll by the Economist showed Biden with 50 percent versus 40 percent for Trump for the next America presidential election.

It is however premature to suggest that Biden’s victory is assured.

Many business groups and giants in the IT industry are being more supportive of Biden and his promise of millions of jobs as a focus on renewable energy becomes, Biden hopes, the new mantra. Will the oil and gas industry lobby strenuously against this?

Will Biden’s emphasis on climate change be appealing? This will require cooperation with the rest of the world, including China, and perhaps the voter will buy the proposition that cooperation with China in some spheres while being adversarial in others is the new diplomacy that can replace Trump’s “go it alone” policies.


Mr Biden and Donald Trump faceoff in debate 2020

In foreign policy terms Trump’s decision to pull forces out of Syria and Afghanistan finds positive resonance with an American populace fed up with expensive wars that have required cutbacks on the maintenance of infrastructure and the realization that they are now falling well behind the other developed countries.”  

To sum up, it would seem that that the prospects for Biden are better than for Trump and the Republican convention will not change that position.  

How will the new or reelected administration deal with Pakistan? It is an unfortunate reality that Trump policy making via Twitter or Biden’s more considered policy formulation with the advice of trained professionals will want Pakistan to maintain the support it has offered to for the implementation of the Taliban-US agreement signed on Feb. 29.

The US will need Pakistan’s assistance for an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, for preventing Afghan soil from becoming a sanctuary for Daesh and other terrorist groups, and for preventing an India-Pakistan confrontation that could escalate with incalculable consequences for the region and the world.

These are those points which Biden mentioned in his speeches and many of the population believe that he is the one that can bring light to our expectations and hope

 It was said that We must recognize that even when regular American troops and support civilians are withdrawn, CIA-financed Afghan militias will remain and will be supported by air operations from the sea and will, therefore, require the use of our airspace and other logistic support.

Biden have declared that he will have a friendly relation with other country and will get ang give benefits. Well summing up chances are more for Mr. Biden to win so hope for tomorrow to see the next America presidential election’s winner that is most probably Joe Biden!!!!1


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