Swiss Mount Titlas covers to prevent them from melting

Employees of Titlis Bergbahnen cable car operator place blankets on parts of the glacier to protect it against melting on Mount Titlis near the Alpine resort of Engelberg, Switzerland July 2, 2021. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Swiss Mount Titlas covers to prevent them from melting at one of the most popular destinations in the Swiss Alp, resort staff during the summer months tried to limit the effect of global warming on the glacires slopes by pulling ice sheets to block out the sun.

Mount Titlas, at an altitude of 3,238 meters has seen the disappearance of large chunks of glaciers ice in recent decades. All of these glaciers are expected to melt in the next half century.

Declining snow cover as a result of climate change has posed a threat to ski slopes across Europe. Glaciers can provide some protection and conserve snowdrift all year round that can even be used on bare tracks.

Meanwhile, the Swiss government has said that if no action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 90% of the century’s remaining 1,500 refrigerators will be destroyed by the end of this century.

In recent years, the amount of cover needed to cover ice has increased. Several employees work for several weeks to cover part of the glaciers with a protective polyester coating that helps prevent summer melting and retains more of the snow that fell last winter.

They now cover some 100,000 square meters, or almost fourteen square feet, of football fields with reflective coatings that help return solar energy to the atmosphere, and after a while, spend several weeks removing them again. Then, the collected snow is used to fill the gaps in the refrigerator; Otherwise, it will cause the ski slopes to crack and help keep the hoists fixed in the ice.


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