Most beautiful umbrella waterfall: sajikot abbotabad

to show beauty of umbrella waterfall

Umbrella Waterfall is located in the Sajikot area of Abbottabad District. It has recently emerged as a new tourist attraction in the KPK province of Pakistan.

umbrella waterfall sajikot abbotabad
umbrella waterfall

The waterfall is located 27 Kilometers from Havelian. To reach the umbrella waterfall, you have to hike down about 30 to 45 minutes from the village of Poona. The Umbrella Waterfall is on the same road where the famous Sajikot Waterfall is located.

who explored umbrella waterfall?

The eye-catching beauty of the waterfall was explored by some young men fond of hiking. It became tourist attraction when a YouTube channel, ‘Shams Shaukat films’ posted a vlog. as world’s most beautiful waterfall and it went viral on the internet.

After that video went viral, many other You Tubers of Pakistan visited the place and covered the waterfall.

For a mesmerizing natural view one should visit this place located at Sajikot. Imagine sitting under the canopies of lush green trees right next to a snow white waterfall cascading on the side, how dreamy and heaven view it can be. Nothing can be much satisfying then this beauty

Some experiences stated that this waterfall have impressive power and beauty of nature. Shimmering and falling, breaking into a thousand shards of spray. Crashing water scares and attracts soul. Some of the famous personalities compared waterfalls with human soul as it have appreciable impact on mind.

It’s a bit difficult to hike till there because of poor condition of roads, mostly its slippery so one should watch his feet very carefully. Many bloggers have mentioned that it was tough reaching there as it was drizzling . Believe it every struggle pays because the end result and view was beyond words and imagination. This place is a therapy itself!!! 

its highly recommended spot to visit as it will only take your one day with eye catching view.


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